Every year, the Refugee Hub engages in a number of different community-based events alongside our partners and allies. We also participate in two annual campus-based events: Refugee Connections and Refugee Night.


February 22, 2018, 6:30PM Alumni Auditorium of the University Building

Refugee Night is an annual event co-sponsored by the University of Ottawa, CARL uOttawa, the Human Rights Research & Education Centre and the Refugee Hub. This evening of theatre and education brings together students, faculty and other community members to explore domestic and global issues related to forced migration policy.

Refugee Night also provides an opportunity to publicly present the Roberto Miranda Award. This award acknowledges the outstanding contributions to human rights and social justice made by a community member who came to Canada as a refugee. The award is also meant to recognize the positive qualities that emerge from refugee experiences, including courage, resilience, a willingness to put others first, and a respect for humanity.

The award was named for Roberto Miranda, a refugee from Guatemala who came to Canada with his wife and children in 1993. During his time in Ottawa, Roberto made a tremendous impression on everyone who knew him. He was a wonderful teacher as well as a tireless activist and organizer for social justice in Guatemala, other Central American countries, and Canada. To the great sorrow of his family, friends and colleagues, Roberto died of pancreatic cancer in December 2010.

Past recipients of the award are Abdulrahman Al-Masri (2017), Yodit Girmay (2016), Aurelia Anchor (2015), Mohamed Adburahman (2014), Roya Ghafari (2013) and Blanca Haydee Lopez de Brizuela (2012).


Our Refugee Connections event brings together a small group of policy leaders, decision-makers, international organization representatives, faculty members, practitioners, students, and others for a lunchtime seminar once per year. Expert speakers provide high-level information and analysis on cutting-edge issues in refugee law and policy.