The Hub Innovation Lab (HIL) provides a dedicated space for the Refugee Hub to design, incubate and scale solutions that have the potential to transform the refugee and migration landscape. The HIL brings research, policy, and programming expertise together to address the challenges and opportunities of refugee resettlement and migration.

The Refugee Hub Innovation lab designs, incubates and scales solutions through the following functions:

  • Assessing Gaps and Emerging Approaches in the refugee landscape. This includes learnings from research initiatives taken on in-full or in partnership through the Refugee Hub.
  • Convening stakeholders with the purpose of advancing development & implementation of a thematic policy goal.
  • Prototyping, piloting and evaluating projects that address gaps in the existing system and increase protection and rights for refugees and vulnerable migrants; applying the most rigorous monitoring and evaluating approach possible to projects.
  • Demonstrating and Elevating Success through sharing learnings with stakeholders. Elevation of success can occur by scaling a project up, out and/or deep.

Initiatives currently underway:

Global Community of Sponsors: The HIL is creating an online platform to serve the needs of the growing, global community of sponsors - for training, resources, connection and mentorship. Launching in Summer 2019, the platform will be a portal where experienced and new sponsors, in countries like Argentina, UK, and New Zealand, are matched quickly and thoughtfully, enabling them to communicate about their sponsorship experiences, view discussions on sponsorship, and take part in interactive Q&A or peer to peer exchange. The Global Community of Sponsors platform is a project of the Global Refugee Sponsorship Initiative (GRSI), a partnership of the Government of Canada, UNHCR, Open Society Foundations, the Giustra Foundation, and the University of Ottawa - Refugee Hub.

Workplace Sponsorship: In collaboration with various workplaces in Canada and the UK, including a manufacturing company, INGO, community organization and law firm, the HIL is developing training tools and resources to support sponsorship group formation within a workplace environment.